Game Design: How to encourage girls to participate?

Hey guys and girls, how's it going? I'm part of a growing game development community where I live, we mainly organize gamejams and workshops that help refine our skills and teach us new tips and tricks.

The problem is, only guys attend, no girl has ever joined any of the events. We sent open invitations on social media, talked with some of our graphic designers and Comp Sci femal friends, none seemed interested.

Any tips would be awesome, thanks in advance!


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  • You could try telling them other girls are attending too and try to recruit a group of girls who are friends with each other so they don't feel too out of place, which seems like the problem here! Or just tell them why girls are needed. :)

    • Thanks for the input! Thing is events such as gamejam are 48 hours straight, so I guess girls (even in groups) dislike the idea of spending a night (let alone 2) with the company of strangers.

      Or maybe there are no girls in our area who are interested in becoming game designers...

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