What is the stalker?

What is the stalker?For anyone that plays warframe. I'm curious to your take about what the stalker is. Plus HOW FUCKEN BADASS WHAT THE 2ND DREAM ENDING! JUST FUCKEN MINDBLOWING! Though this ended in December. Still makes you wonder more about the lore to the game. ^^Plus I doubt any of y'all will watch the video of the ending.


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  • I haven't done second dream but I've fought him when he was out for a teammate. Absolutely crazy strong if he hits you and his abilities but frost bubble, few tonkors to the face and he was done. I lol'd.
    He's so salty though; 4/7 times when we've beat him he didn't drop anything. Pfft.

    • Yeah he becomes even stronger after you finish that quest. Like I told the other person on here. I've noticed he's taken up the skills of nyx 4, nezha's 2nd, and mirages 4th.

    • Yeah I know lol I actually just fought him again. He was spamming the life out of absorb and the disco ball too but I haven't seen him use nezha's ability yet. His only weakness is still obstacles though. He got trapped against the cryopod in my mission and we just shot him to death. Tonkor for days. Lolll lemme stop.

    • Omg that would be extremely funny to see him get stuck like that. :D

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  • Well, he's that vengeful guy that sends you threatening mails and then suddenly shows up

    The Frost battle... he was slowed yet teleporting everywhere, took me some time to take it down

    • yeah and I can't believe all the skills he's obtained after you finished the 2nd dream quest. So far I noticed he has the same skills of nyx 4th, nazha 2nd, and mirages 4th. Also I figured I wouldn't get any replies on this question. Since most probably don't care or even play. :D

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    • When ever you do. Prepare to have you mind blown to pieces. Also don't watch the video that I put. Since that shows the ending for that quest.

    • I haven't ^^

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  • Well I don't need to play the video because well I played and finished the 2nd dream quest myself fantastic quest loved it absolutely loved it wished I could play it again /:

    All we do know about the stalker was that he was part of the orokin military and served the orokin, specifically part of a unit called the guardians or low guardians. He was present at the end of the war when the warframes slaughtered all of the orokin. Now unlike the tenno who were put into cryosleep after that the stalker well he wondered aimlessly around the galaxy or universe for thousands of years, alone and we assume he was driven insane by is his own thirst for vengeance and his sorrow of not being able to protect the people he served.

    I think he thinks of the tenno/warframes as monsters but yet see's himself as one or at least similar to them when your operator first appears the stalker hesitates and does not attack you at all. All we know for certain though is that he served the orokin in some sort of soldier or guardian position.

    • Oh god I died when he stabbed my warframe.

      Do you play with mistninja on wf often?

      Interesting I didn't know that part about him. I need to read all of that again. Though I figured he was a tenno as well since hunhow says,"Though your asking yourself. Was I one of these wretched things? You know the answer. You still hate them... You still hate... yourself."

      Then I think the stalker hates himself. Due to how the frames are nothing but like puppets. So the stalker feels like someone else is controlling him. That his being is an illusion belonging to someone else.

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    • I think there were 2 really good mods from the event. One was called bloody something. I think bloody count?

    • Yeah I remember reading about them on the wiki.

  • I'm not into online-only games and probably never will be.


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