Why are horror/dark shows so popular?

I mean isn't there enough depressing things in the world?

  • No there is not, I like feeling depressed
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  • Horror shows aren't made to be depressing, they're made to scare the shit out of you. Or intrigue.

    The Changeling or Grave of the firelies are depressing pieces with zero horror elements in them.

    • Then why do I find a lot of them depressing?

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    • So people like getting the crap scared put of them? Is it like those cheesey haunted hay rides that are obviously fake, but people like to pretend?

    • Being frightened causes an adrenaline rush, so yes - people do enjoy getting the crap scared out of them.😛

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  • They've always been popular


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  • Yes! I like them. i don't know! maybe everyone secretly a killer.

  • Never been to that. What is that?

    • Like walking dead human centipede stuff like that.

    • So movies... not shows.
      Well some people just like to watch it because it's hilariously bad... Some people like to watch it because of the suspense - zombie apocalypse is the new action movie nowadays.

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