If I got a visa for Germany for 6 months can I go and visit other European countries during my stay or its not legal?


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  • I'm pretty sure you can go where ever you want
    But nowadays people may actually ask for your ID at the border so I'd try to find somethin about that on some official website

    I live in switzerland (not in the EU) and I can travel through Europe without problems

    • Because your passport is recognized. We don't know what passport OP holds.

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    • Thank you very much 😊

    • You're welcome and safe travelling!
      And if someone asks for your ID you show your passport. Just in case you loose it I'd make sure to have a copy somewhere online

      Also I meet a lota people studying somewhere in Europe who are not from here and yet they travel around so I really can't see a problem with it.
      But check to be sure

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  • I would check a more official source than g@g for information like that if I were you.


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  • No, it's not legal.


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  • My wife (Turkish) recently got a 6-month visitor visa to go see family in Germany. As Germany is in the Schengen area, she can visit any other country within the schengen area during that time.

    However, she has a 30-day restriction on her stay, meaning that the visa itself lasts for 6-months, but she can only stay a maximum of 30 days - so it depends on what type of visa you get really.

  • When I studied abroad in Spain my visa was good for EU countries and a few others, as @leise said, it's the Schengen Agreement

  • Doubt it is unless your passport is recognised

  • Nope, it's illegal to stray from the boundaries stated in the visa.

    • Really I thought people can travel in Europe freely

    • Actually, we can
      It's called the Schengen Agreement

    • if you're confident about it, then why even ask then? lol

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