What do you think (imput from mainly Asian people would be much appreciated. Lmao.More Memes Fellas?

)? Lol.


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  • Um ok then. .. ...

    • You say that as though they're weird (not that you're aren't entitled to your own opinion). If so, what do you find weird about them?

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  • Hmm. As an Asian I'll tell you right now that I'm not good at math, but I don't think its that offensive although it is racist. I don't get the second one and I think it would be better to use less explicit words because I don't use that type of language.

    • The memes weren't meant to be racist. They were meant to go AGAINST racism (unless you were referring to the math stereotype, in which this sentence would be redundant). And yeah you're right. I need to tone it down with the cursing. Lol.

      Oh the second one. She's basically just a teacher (well, in my meme she's a teacher). Who is just telling a student of hers that he won't be able to use the bathroom after having drunken the "3 litre Cola".

    • oh lol

    • Yeah. Lol. I thought the second one would be a bit obvious.