Does anyone like watching Onision?

I used to like watching his videos because every topic he discussed i totally agreed with, his videos never offended me and always made me laugh even if they were intended for offensive. The only thing is I believe in God. I was happy to know there was someone out there that thought the same way i did and felt sad for him about the Shiloh thing.
If you don't know who I'm talking about it, it's okay. I just wanted to rant.
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  • Isn't that the guy who recorded his girlfriend while she was having some sort of mental breakdown in which she regressed to the age of 6?

    • Yes that was Shiloh. She faked that whole illness and stole $2000 and had another man's baby. Then he married, and forced his wife to have a girlfriend so he could fulfill his fantasy of having a threesome and cheated on his wife with her girlfriend, admitted to being in love with her girlfriend instead of his wife.
      Yes, that guy.

    • Yeah he's a dick.

      Also, I had a hunch she was faking the whole thing. She seemed like she was just imitating an LSD trip.

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  • he's funny but remember he is a comedian/youtuber
    so don't believe or take much of what he says seriously
    just enjoy the videos

    • I just said i never took anything serious and wasn't offended but cheating on his wife is what digusts me even more.

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    • I don't remember him saying he is bi. He said he is straight. He likes Andy Biersack but that's it.

    • I remember him making a video mentioning he's bi
      but I could be wrong

  • >About the Shiloh thing
    Heard what happened with him and Lainey?

    • Yeah i stopped watching him. I'm absolutely digusted what he did

    • Yeah, I enjoy the UhOhBro channel and usually the onision channel but when he he's too personal it's like why would you put that for everyone to see

    • I liked his humor because i usually talk that way and joke like that and it was cool to see im not the only one that is like that. Except i wouldn't cheat. I unsubscribed from all his channels. I personally cannot support a cheater.

  • I don't know who that is.


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