What covers of songs do you think are better than the original?

For instance, I loved the original version of "Iris", by the Goo Goo Dolls, but recently I found an acoustic version by Sleeping With Sirens, and Kellin's voice fit the song so well. I was moved the first time I heard the original, because I was in love with a boy who didn't know I existed, but I cried when I heard the cover because now that I am with the boy of my dreams, and we've hit a rough patch that we're fighting through, and I don't want other people judging us for it so I rarely tell people I know.


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  • This is too obvious, but Johnny Cash's "Hurt", originally done by Trent Reznor and his band Nine Inch Nails. At the time of filming the video, both Johnny and his beloved June were terminally ill and dying. June would die three months after filming, her husband, seven.


    • Beat me to it.

      Absolutely the most soul stirring cover I've heard/seen. Even Trent admitted that the song "wasn't his anymore".

      Good call.

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    • You can hear every twinge of regret that Jonny Cash ever experienced wrung out in that song.
      He put it all out there, held nothing back.

      If any one song stands as a requiem to Jonny Cash, this is it.

    • @gray_sailor it's heart-wrenching. I think that's the best anyone could ever sing a skng

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