Is anyone else annoyed by the selection on Streaming T. V. services? Do you Pirate?

I have a Netflix, Shomi and CraveT. V. subscription and still can't get all the shows I want unless I wait a year and a half for it to come out on BlueRay. I swear to god this is why people pirate shit!

Do you guys Pirate content? Cable sub? don't care?
  • I Pirate All, fuck copy right trolls.
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  • I prefer to pay but will Pirate if they lack/have to wait for the content I want.
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  • I have streaming services only and never Pirate.
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  • I prefer cable and never Pirate.
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  • I wait for Disk release, never Pirate.
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  • I have cable and streaming, never Pirate.
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  • I don't watch T. V. shows.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, there's a show called unsolved mysteries that's not on DVD or streaming. Hopefully it'll be on streaming someday.

    • I'm not going to break the law, however if it was up to me all shows would be on streaming or DVD. Same thing with tv channels. They'd be set up for

      200 channels and you'd pick what channels you'd want.

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    • I'm not a right wing guy, but John McCain had a plan to make all streaming and cable ready at a decent price. I'm hoping it'll happen someday

    • Thanks for the MHO

Most Helpful Girl

  • I rely on internet piracy.

    • Thanks for MH :)

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