Girls, What would you do if a guy went to kick you in the vag and he got sucked up alive?

lol may have had to many drinks with my friend but her and I thought it was a funny topic as we remember guys from highschool trying to kick us there and and said be careful you might loose a shoe! ... What if he lost more then just his shoe :P lol


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  • Haha, what assholes thought it'd be a good idea to try kicking you in the vag? But yeah, I'd love it, just suck him right up, then shit him out and flush him down the toilet later!

    • Yeah, because I think the others would think twice after that! haha
      could even keep him in there until you lay with a guy and that would be the ultimate pay back if he is getting dick poked at him while he was up there LOL

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    • contractions lol, as I am about to Orgasm. Would be pretty messy in there for him I'm sure...

    • Ohhh gotcha lol. Yes, it'd be like being in the inside of a washing machine, fluids being slapped all around, getting squeezed and bounced around lol

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  • I feel like you ask this question a lot in regards of males being sucked up into a vagina! LOL. However I wouldn't want him to be inside of me so i guess I'd freak out

    • yeah I guess I do lol, maybe I am fond of the idea. And it isn't just me, my friend and I think alike. Thought it would be rather funny, and it's empowering also! ;)

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