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  • Here's the issues with it.
    -- Guitar tone is alright, but personally I would probably experiment around with it a little more to give it more chunk. It seems kind of thin in my opinion.
    -- The timing. The timing is kind of off. The problem is that it is quite noticeably off. The thing is-- with metal guitar parts and harmonies they have to be RIGHT on or else they lose their effect. I mentioned in an older question you had about the flex tool. Also, are you playing with a click track when you record?
    -- The part itself. Besides timing, there were also some issues with accuracy. For instance, there were some missed notes. Granted, that could of sounded that way because the parts weren't synced too well (hence why syncing the parts is important). Besides that, I'm pretty sure the chorus is not palm muted when Shadows sings "... COULD BE THE ONE." For looking up tabs and stuff I suggest songsterr. com
    -- The black and white video may be too much. That is just my opinion though.

    Covers in a sense have to be more accurate than A7X actually playing live. It is because everyone is focusing on how well you play and sound. There is an added pressure in that sense.

    I feel like you could pretty easily fix the mistakes and issues with it, but for now I'm rating it a 3.

    • I find it hard to realise that the timing is off, like my ears don't realise its off its weird. I know the chorus part is not palm muted I thought i'd add my own touch. I can't find the files of both guitars so before i thought you meant from the backing track but now i understand it is timing of the 2 guitars separately now i understand.

    • The timing is most noticeable at any palm muting parts. Since palm muting parts are short quick sounds they have to be basically exact.
      But yeah the backing track sounds fine-- the guitar parts don't sound bad separately I bet. It is just together when it doesn't feel in sync.

    • yeah your defiantly right. I got the editing process wrong. the problem now is i don't have the files separately to re do it :( once again thanks for your opinion

  • Although i don't know the song, my internal rhythm is saying that the speed is a bit off, you need to practise a bit, metronome the single line riffs till your not struggling, unless of course the song is meant to be syncopated. Great tone though

  • I know the song. Sounds good!
    Synyster Gates is a great guitarist lol. I think it would be hard for anyone to top him. But I think you sound really good!!


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