Underrated bands / artists out there?

Hey :)

I'm getting tired of the music on my phone / computer.
Is there a band / artist that is underrated and that you think I might not know about? I want to discover things :)

The band that has that special place in my heart is the Milk Carton Kids. Their last album is like, wow. (If you like that type of music that is ;) )


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  • Northlane... They're supposedly pretty huge back in Austrailia, where they're from... but I recently went to one of their shows here in the US, and they were playing for maybe 100 people or so.

    But in a big city in a state of millions of people, it kinda puts things in perspective. At the same time it makes you think, "I'm apart of something really cool right now that few people know or care about." So I enjoy that aspect of going to smaller shows as well.

    They have an awesome sound and themes within their music though...

    • Yeah I know what you're talking about, I had the same experience with Kodaline, who are also well known in Ireland/UK where they're from, but not so much where I live. It was in a tiny concert hall will like 150 people or so.
      But anyway, thanks I'll check them out !

    • Cool... yeah they're on the heavier side, if you're into that sort of thing.

  • Every true metal band that's still around.

  • Try Black Stone Cherry or Evil Pop


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