Anybody here watch the BBC series Sherlock?

I'm wondering if the fanbase is slim to none in the US. I love the show but around where I live fellow nerds are few and far between.


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  • Ehh, I watch it but then I'm from the UK so it's more popular here. It's not an amazing show because I hate both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman aaaand I hated Stephen Moffat, one of the writer's but Andrew Scott's Moriarty is what keeps me watching and now Moffat is leaving so...

    • Moriarty is definitely one of the best villains I've seen in a TV series

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    • I'm a big fan of the original stories. I have a 2 volume set of the Annotated Sherlock Holmes from 1974. They contain all 56 stories and 4 novels written by Doyle with some original sketches. Picked them up at a flea market for only $20

    • Haha I didn't even think about that. I remember the story where Sherlock returns and he recounts Sebastian Moran hurling rocks at him as he scales the ledge near the Reichenbach Fall

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  • I loooooooove it. Though I'm not from the US lol.


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