Is Peyton Manning a sellout for his "Budweiser speech?" (I doubt he drinks much beer and if he did he probably knows how nasty Budweiser tastes right?


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  • Not really.

    That's how sports and advertising works.

    • Yeah but do the players actually have no choice in whether or not to say something. I mean they could have gotten the MVP of the game to say something too, but all the focus was obviously on Peyton!

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  • Your probably right, and they are kind of forced to say they like something they probably don't use or drink

    • Yeah someone told me that Budweiser might have a weird deal with the NFL. I almost regurgitated The IPA I was drinking last night when he said that! lol

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    • Yeah they must since its 5 million dollars for a 30 second commercial

    • Wow! the cost of "prime time" yikes

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