I wrote a Valentine's Day song for my girlfriend. Your honest opinion?


(Inspired heavily from Led Zeppelin's III album and John Lennon's solo songs)


The margins of our chapter
Couldn't fit all the words
If we were free to be what we see
Our love could threaten the world
I'm a heat-seeking missile
With soft touch and wide bright eyes
You're irid and shine like a pilot
through Arizona skies

Call it what you want
I love you all the time

And I'm not slightly embarrased
I'll cherish and share it
With all the world
If were free to be what we see
Our love could threaten the world
Like an atom bomb, riot glass and baton
Button at my palm, many bridges to burn
In this world

I'd serenade you, any day to
Show you how much I love
You, and if it won't come true
I'd rather fall than to rust

I'm alone, I could go
I love you, I need you
But there's some place that needs me
I don't know where that is
I want you to hold, I'm lonely
But hopeful

I'm alive like a missile


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  • *clap clap* Vary good it is romantic and personal. She will love it!

    • I understand wanting a second opinion, however, when it comes to things for your significant other everything from the heart is like gold and silver.

  • That's cute

  • it's fine she will most likely like it