Pick A Superpower Guys & Girls?

Which of the following would you rather have?:

1) The ability to stop time for seven consecutive seconds (a sub-power of chronokinesis).

2) The ability to run at 300 mph (low-level superspeed).

3) The ability to become temporarily impenetrable to blunt force for thirty whole seconds.

4) Above average strength able to lift three times your own bodyweight.

If I had to choose, I'd go with either the superspeed (300 mph) or the ability to stop time for seven seconds. I could use either or to not only avoid danger but to turn the tables on my enemy (ex. stop time to take a weapon from her and use it agianst her, be able to speedbliz enemies and dodge multiple attacks).


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  • I would totally pick #1. There's just so much I can do in 7 seconds given certain consequences. Like for example I could save someone from a disaster that could kill them, or (like you mentioned) protect myself.


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  • What lift are you using for #4? I mean, I can already squat 2 point something times my bodyweight, so, that wouldn't be a ridiculous improvement. lol

    I'd definitely take #1. Anything for which I could use the super speed, I could probably accomplish just as well with 7 seconds of lead time and some clever jukin' and dodgin' and hide-and-seekin' -- and there are LOTS of things you could do with a pause button that you couldn't do by just running really fast.

    Also, if you could run at 300mph, the wind resistance alone would probably break yr neck and you'd just die. I KNOW, WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO INJECT REALITY, lol

    • Mmm. Smart AND Clever. My kinda woman.;) Lol.

      Anyway to answer your question, lifting strength in regards to an overhead lift or press. Yeah being three times stronger than a human is cool, but being able to stop time and screw around with people as well as turn the tables is even cooler.

      And you're right about the chronokineis. I could achieve a lot more just by stopping time than running really fast. And as for adding in reality, don't sweat it. Lol. I always worry about things like friction dismantling my molecules or me running into something and splattering into a pile of blood and organ matter when thinking about superspeed.

  • Stop time🙌🏼 that would be freaking bad ass

    • Hell yeah Sista! Damn straight I'd go with that power! I could go into any store and steal all the shit I want! Lol jk. 😀😄

    • Somewhere along the line bad ass, turned into illegal😂😂

What Guys Said 3

  • The ability to make every and myself have a goodnight sleep.

  • Stop time is the best one and it's not debatable

    • Word. I could help SO many people with that power. Play so many pranks on people with that power. It's not even funny.

  • lol not even sure...

    • Well which of the four do you lean more towards?

    • I guess number 4

    • Oh the above strength one.

      Cool choice.

      But as much as I like strength, I'd have to go with something that'll benefit me in more than one way.

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