Who else is going to see Deadpool tonight?

  • Me me me me me!!!
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  • I'm not special like you PJ
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  • I can't go until Mom takes me
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  • Fooey on you! I'm grounded!
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Totally Worth Seeing!! Funniest movie in years!!!


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  • LUCKYYYYYYYY ! ugh gonna wait one week till it comes out in Egypt's cinemas

    • Least you're not in China, they don't get to see it at all in theaters.

    • Or in Saudi Arabia where they don't have a cinemas at all 😂😂😂 but maybe they will show it earlier , for example avengers and fast and the furious is showed in Egypt 2 days before America 😎😂

    • And they were both online within an hour after the showing lol

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  • I saw it last Friday and loved it!!

    • I knew going in that I would like it and once the credits flashed on "Directed by an Ass-Hat" I knew it was going to be Outstanding!

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