Which of the three do you follow and are a fan of the most?

Boxing - Which of the three do you follow and are a fan of the most?


Wrestling (I know that wrestling is obviously scripted and not a real sport but it's still often lumped into the same group as Boxing and MMA) -

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  • WWE/Pro Wrestling
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  • None of them
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  • UFC.


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  • I don't follow any of them but if I had the time, I'd follow UFC. Boxing is cool too but I'm not down to pay for pay per view just to watch two men box it out in the ring. Boxing was amazing during Ali and Tyson's time. Mayweather and Pacquiao was a huge disappointment. And who watches WWE anyways? Lmao.

    • Boxing also offers free basic TV cable fights on NBC and ESPN right now. I'll admit, I knew from the start that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was gonna suck considering that neither Money or Pacman are in their primes anymore and should have fought already LONG ago.

    • Yeah. They should have fought way back in 09 but fighting in 2015 was the best chance for Mayweather to win.

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  • MMA/ UFC is so interesting, you get to see people clash for a variety of different backgrounds with great skill, and the pace of the fight can quickly change from grappling to strikes and back again.

  • None of them...


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