GAG IDOL: Is my singing voice worth performing with?

My family and friends hear me singing all the time and always tell me stfu which makes me feel like people might not enjoy a performance from me at like a talent show. is this true? give me an American idol style criticism.
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bump, where is everyone
update: i do NOT want to be a professional singer. i just wanted to know if people would hate to hear me at my high school talent show. i don't think i'm an amazing singer i just want to have fun with a performance, should i?


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  • It's really hard to be 100% accurate because the quality of the recording isn't great. Do you take voice lessons yet or no? You have a nice voice and I can hear some control. There's a lot to work with. However, I think some technique could help you a lot :) Work on clear vowel sounds and the placement of sound (i. e. more nose or more chest depending on how high or low the note is, less throatiness overall).

    • no, i've never taken voice lessons and thanks! :) no one seems to want to help lol

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    • absolutely :) I'm a dancer primarily, but having the singing helps me get jobs. I would never want to be famous like... pop star status or anything. I just like singing. I sing at my church and things like that

    • thanks for mho :)

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  • Not really... If you mean to do it for money - probably won't get anywhere unless you're willing to sleep around.
    That's how the industry works 99% of the time. That or pay them.

    You sound really young - maybe work on your singing, BUT also go to college and do something else with your life too. Singing isn't really a viable profession for most people.

    • lol, chill it's just a talent show. guess i won't do it

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