If I decorate and want to sell adult coloring book pages I've colored, is that a copyright problem?

I've been getting into adult coloring books as a hobby. I was thinking of buying some frames and selling the pictures I've colored and added other decoration to so I can make some extra cash. Is this legitimate or is there a copyright issue involved since I didn't draw the pictures and only added to them with color and other decorations?


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  • I believe any profit from it would be copyright infringement.


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  • That's copyright infringement - the person who made the image (aka designed it) owns the copyright.
    All you did was get a box of crayons and was careful about the lines.

    Sorry, but this is just a pastime, not an income.

    • A simple "that's a copyright issue" would have sufficed. No need to be so harsh or rude about it.

    • I was trying to explain why it's an infringement. The copyright belongs to the designer, whether you change colours or not does not change copyright.

  • 1. there is probably a copyright problem
    2. I doubt anyone would buy it


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