What do you think of payed "early access" games?

i think it´s the shittiest thing to ever happen to the game industry.
it´s a good idea to wash some money into the devs pockets to speed up the production but it appears to me as though none of the games get finished anymore. they just claim it´s "beta" forever so critics and consumers can´t complain about the buggy hell most of those games will stay forever.

devs be like "i don´t give a shit about finishing the game... i allready got my money anyway"


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  • I know quite a few people who consistently bounce between unfinished games and I find it ludicrous.

    Its not like there is a shortage of completed games.

    • yeah but even "finished" ones are full of bugs and need regular updates...
      for example the batman arkham knight desaster. they even pulled it back from the marked because they fucked up big time with the pc port.

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    • Well you could always watch gameplay footage on youtube for example.

      I'm not a 'serious' gamer so I often play games a couple years after release once everyone knows if the game is good or not. 'General public reception and what not'

      Anywho. A little off topic haha. ^_^
      Yes early access is complete garbage.

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  • Its both good and bad. Gets more money into the production of the game bu it is essentially an unfinished game theyre releasing...

    • plus i´ve not seen a game actually come out of "early access" since this shit started to popp up on steam xD

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