Which video game company do you think does a better job with sports games (and games in general) 2K or EA?

Which video game company do you think does a better job with sports games(and games in general) 2K or EA?

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  • I don't know, I hardly play that genre.


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  • Fuck EA and their shitty servers! I get the fact that there will be a new sports game every year, but it seems like EA puts little to know effort into their shit. Same game modes, nothing innovated or creative. And then their servers... it feels like you get disconnected from about half the games/lobbies you enter. I got good internet too so I know it ain't me. I wish EA would give up the NFL license rights so 2K can have a crack at it. EA was even voted worst company in America back in like 2012 or 2013.

    • And they ruined Star Wars Battlefront too outside the sports side

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    • EA did do in a lot of studios. Funny you say 2K is better cause I swear i'm the only person who liked NBA Live

    • EA still out here killing games left and right

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  • 2K, since 2K makes the highest rated sports game currently (NBA 2K). EA is basically recycled garbage every year (Madden, FIFA, NBA Live).

  • 2k --

  • Just gonna say 2k because as a PC gamer EA is the spawn of satan.