Question about deadpool?

i watched the movie yesterday , very good indeed , but i am curious if he is the same person from someone who also have same name" deadpool" , from "X-men origins: Wolverine" (2009)

https://images-cdn. moviepilot. com/image/upload/c_limit, h_441, w_656/t_mp_quality/wolverine-deadpool-origins-x-men-origins-did-deadpool-and-wolverine-kill-the-franchise-x-men-origins-deadpool-not-a-complete-failure-jpeg-127050. jpg

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  • If Deadpool was on G@G hed un-alive you in an instant xD

    "X-men origins: Wolverine" is failed movie and we dont speak of it. What happened in that movie never happened because in X-men Days of Future Past Wolverine went back in time and changed the timeline. Yes, its the same character but done horribly wrong.


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  • Yes, same character, same actor, different (and better, I assume, since I've yet to see it) story