What's happened to Country Music in America lately? Can you stomach the new "Country Pop?" Or are you holding back your vomit like me?


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  • Most of it is horrible. Country pop is ok, if it's well crafted (Let's be real - a lot of greats like Patsy, Alabama, etc had a lot of pop elements). But it's getting lazy - lazy lyrics, lazy music, downright stupid and predictable sentimentality.

    "God is good, families are great, love our soldiers and drink a beer."

    I don't disagree with any of those sentiments, the emotion has gone from a lot of country, even the supposed "dark" country.

    • Yeah soooo predictable! I have more respect for the artists that write their own music.. Seems like these new artists don't put any effort at all they're handed stupid songs that follow a formula that sells to brainless morons

    • I've been listening to new southern rock a lot more, personally: Kings of Leon (look beyond Sex on Fire), The Weeks, J. Roddy Walton & the Business, etc. It's having a second heyday.

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  • I carry the bucket around man

    • First time I heard Sam Hunt I nearly drove my truck into oncoming Semi traffic! Good thing I had a Lynard Skynard album within reach!

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  • I used to love country, but all of the "bro country" and "pop country" has really turned me off of radio stations and award shows. I've turned to listening to older country and classic rock. And I'm only 17.

    • Right on!! I have a 14 yr old daughter and she's smart enough to notice how much the radio stations that used to be decent now suck! I try to get her into classic rock too!

  • It could be a lot worse.

    • True it always could. I mean Beyonce might decide to go country and then do a song about the Black Panthers! Lol

  • i hate those that encourages smoking and drugs.

    • And some people forget Alcohol is a drug (The worst one actually) And Every song feels the need to mention Whiskey and Beer! I like my IPA's with a whiskey chaser but I don't want to hear it in EVERY FREAKIN' SONG!!

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    • does diet taste better than regular to you? Wow

    • yup. hate regular.

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