Can you recommend some movie?


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  • Interstellar - mind blowing cinematography paired with impeccable plot twists and music make this one for the ages, staring true detective's star matthew mconaughey you just can't pass this one..

    Dazed and Confused - Matthew staring again, easily his best movie - the throwback vibe to 1970 texas with highschool setting brings back the nostalgia. great stoner flick if you smoke, you'll love this one.

    Boy Wonder - A indie movie about Robin before the cape - yes, batman robin - starring him - its a fantastic flick. As a robin fan, and a fan of the dark motives of nightwing that spawns after him - this definitely gives the gritty and dark vibes you get in the batman bale movies - and lastly, since we're talking about batman...

    I recommend all the batman christian bale movies, the full series from beginning to end if you haven't seen it - easily one of my favorite collections of movies alongside LotR

    • Interstellar was brilliant. Been a long time since I enjoyed a film so much. I've joined the Matthew McConaughey train quite late - the guy is excellent.

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    • Yeah I think Bale is great too (first saw him in American Psycho and I fell in love, haha! Same as seeing McConaughy - saw him as Kohl and fell for the dude immediately (acting wise)), but I don't like the Batman movies. I'm a Burton-Batman fan, these reboots aren't for me. Bale is the only reason I've watched them. Gotham is way better.

    • I even liked Terminator Salvation - him and Sam Worthington were really good, the film got slated though. I think it was better than the recent one.

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  • Just saw a STUPENDOUSLY GREAT ONE last Night..."Time out of Mind" with Richard Geer here, dear.
    Based on what it Feels like to be a Homeless Lost Soul with no Goal in New York.
    Get it and be thankful for all of your blessings. xx

  • Narrow it down a bit, what kind do you already like?

    • all kinds

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    • Legend Of The Seven Golden Vampires
      Lost Boys
      Being John Malkovich
      Taxi (the original, not the crap remake)
      Big Blue
      The Wall
      The Pick Of Destiny
      How High
      Ring (Japanese version)

    • thank you

  • The Host (2013)

  • the Martian was excellent. um... hm... what else did I like that wasn't some chick flick? I don't know. sorry


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