What are your favorite foreign songs, bands, and/or artists?

Personally, I like:

[East/Southeast Asia]: Big Bang, Ailee (although I've been told she's a really rude person, she has talent), JJ Lin (Jiang Nan and Bei Dui Bei Yongbao), Tong Hua by Guang Liang, Fiction by B2ST BEAST, B. A. P., DJ Okawari, and the list goes on and on!! I like music from this region the best.

[South Asia]: I grew up with Indian/Bollywood music, so I have this love-hate feeling towards most of it. Some of them are really good, but I think I've heard them all too much :P

[Northern Europe/Asia]: Lots of D1N songs, Andrey Lenitsky (I LOVE Vremya), Zima by Tamerlan, Prosto by Shokk (I haven't been able to find anything else from him), some Coldplay, etc.

I love foreign music and learning about other cultures. Music really is the universal language. Many songs may sound remarkably similar despite different cultures, but I feel that people get so caught up in their differences to see how similar they are. Music is the universal language (some would argue love as well), and it traverses language barriers.

Besides North American music, these regions make up the bulk of my iTunes library. What are some of your favorite songs and where are they from?


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