Lady and Gentleman, who do you think is the best football (Soccer) player, your one and only player?

My one and my only favourite football player, is Zidane and Steven Gerard. They play with class and power


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  • sorry, i only watch the non pussy kind :P

    jk... i like watching messi and cr7

    • Everyone like Messi and Cr7 but I'm expecting different player I never heard that I can look up and watch the player playing :D

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    • Damn, I like a lot of sport, I love American football because of big action like chasing the player or hit them with their body, you know manly stuff, it cool

    • me too. i can watch anything, except baseball (not a sport). yeah, big it's are fun (unless you're the 1 being hit), but i like the pre snap stuff the best. it's like chess... but with humans :D