I have questions about deadpool. Can anyone answer it?

I was told there was full frontal nudity if Ryan Reynolds. I did not see it. 50 shades of grey had more nudity in sex scenes than this movie

Since they did do DC references why and deadpool is the only character that breaks the fourth wall (yes I am a comic book reader) then why didn't the writers point out that the actress that plays his girlfriend is currently in a DC show?

Why did deadpool hide behind a car from Ajax's henchman while they were shooting when bullets can not kill him?

When Ajax told his girlfriend that deadpool keeps coming back, why did he keep trying to kill him after that?

Why doesn't marvel put more villains like Ajax in their movies. Ajax seems like the only good Marcel villain in their movies because he does not just talk he does evil things and he does not hesitate to kill
I know it is fox and the whole Ajax not feeling pain thing seems like plot convenience


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  • -I dunno, I just realized you're right about the full frontal nudity. I remember hearing that too. Maybe it was cut.

    -They did make a reference to how he played Green Lantern (I think when he said something about a CGI suit)

    -I think he still feels pain, he just heals (like Wolverine)

    -I don't remember what you're referring to

    -Because they were trying to make him a stark contrast to typical blabber-mouthed super villains. Many things in the movie were more... blunt... than in typical superhero movies, which was one of the main points of the movie. It was kinda like more realistic with how they'd actually act.

    • My friend who does not reas comics said during the movie that she thinks he is like spiderman when fighting and talking

      And to be honest I like comics but I think he is like a rated R spiderman

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  • I don't know much about deadpool but the nuditu was when he was fighting Francis nude after the explosion.

    • You can clearly see his penis. (Trust me I was looking) its only for a split second though.

    • No full frontal though cos that would've landed it a higher age rating.

    • @Josht11 true. But his penis I'd very visable.

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  • "I was told there was full frontal nudity"
    -For women yes but as for Ryan, I think there was some but it was short and poorly lit.

    "then why didn't the writers point out that the actress that plays his girlfriend is currently in a DC show?"
    -They already had plenty of references and putting that one there might have been seen as shameless commercialising. Besides, chances are that in some cut version of Deadpool, she was referenced but they decided against putting that in the final product.

    "Why did deadpool hide behind a car"
    -Unlike Francis who can't feel pain, Deadpool can. Although in the comics Deadpool is known to rely too much on his healing factor, that doesn't mean he'll use it every chance he gets. He still feels pain and has a natural reaction for it. Perhaps he can tolerate it way better than any other human, he still feels it.

    "When Ajax told his girlfriend that deadpool keeps coming back, why did he keep trying to kill him after that?"
    -Well if you remember he thought that Wade died in the fire. Except he came back. And he explicitly said that his plan for completely killing Deadpool simply involved slicing him up to the point that there would be nothing to regenerate from.

    "Why doesn't marvel put more villains like Ajax in their movies."
    -First things first, this was Fox. Not Marvel. The same company that brought you one of the arguably worst movies ever made just recently - the Fantastic 4 (the reboot with the black guy).
    And here's the thing with comick book superhero movies - none of them have insofar been as brave as Deadpool. Look at the X-men. None of them wore the original costumes from the comics. Instead they were all black. And they didn't even fully act like their characters fro the comics. Deadpool is arguably the most true to the original movie adaptation of a superhero ever. He is pretty much 100% as he is the comics. Unlike any other superhero. This movie was not afraid to take risks because they were passionate about it. The same goes for the villain and all of the other characters - true to their original selves, if I understood correctly.

    • I know it is fox and the whole Ajax not feeling pain thing seems like plot convenience

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    • You claim to know about the comics yet you failed to point out that copycat has powers which did not happen in the movie

    • Oh for fuck's sakes I never said I know literally everything. Even the biggest of comic book fans didn't know about that mega sonic teenage warhead or whatever her name was because the creators of Deadpool put her in there on purpose as a joke. Just so they'd have the most obscure character they could find.

  • I don't think there's any full frontal nudity just a strip club scene basically.

    I don't think deadpool did any DC references in the movie so maybe that's why?

    Deadpool still feels pain he doesn't wanna get shot at.

    he wanted to make sure there was nothing to heal back so like burn him to ash he thought that would stop him regenerating

    Ajax seems pretty meh in the movie they all do kind of evil things and I don't think ajax even kills anyone of any significance.

    • Yes there was DC reference. There was a picture of him as green Lantern

    • Some idiot lied on facebook (not to me ) but I remember them saying there is full frontal nudity

    • Yeah but that was more of a ryan reynolds career reference which they constantly did e. g. when he was in x-men origin wolverine as deadpool they did a joke about that.

  • they dont have to mention that she has a role in Gotham. like who cares really.

    and going completely nude was up to both Reynolds and the film producers/directors/etc.

    • No one said you had to care lol

      And I think she that it is cool that she is the only actress I know so far that is currently active in both the DC universe and the Marvel universe.

    • point is, just because they have an opportunity, it doesn't mean they have to take it.

  • Because Deadpool is targeted towards the men demographic and dudes don't wanna see Ryan Reynolds nude.

  • Deadpool isn't the only character that breaks the forth wall, She-Hulk also does it


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