What do you think of "The Lion Guard" show on Disney Channel?

I don't think it's nearly as well-made as the first "Lion King", but I still enjoy it. As an aspiring wildlife conservationist, I mainly tuned in to see if the show would be used to improve the reputation of hyenas that the first movie damaged: the first episode after the premiere didn't disappoint with hyenas being depicted as mostly good animals, and I anticipate to see if they'll portray Cape dogs and other threatened and misunderstood African wildlife in the same manner.

I see the show get a lot of hate for how differently it depicts Kiara, but I view it as her still being a cub, but having aged from being the cub in "Simba's Pride" (like with a more mature voice, and being more in terms with being Queen - I mean, nobody said the show takes place BEFORE the beginning of "S'sP")... But really, am the only one here who doesn't see "S'sP" as a memorable nor good movie?

I'd rather watch it, hands down, than "S'sP" and "1 1/2"; and while I find the original far stronger artistically, I actually do enjoy "TLG" more (if that makes sense). I have minor criticisms of the show, other than my much more immense dislike of the Bunga character, from a conservation standpoint (the vultures as villains and the baboons being the Pride Lands' pestering monkeys) that I hope the show will eventually fix; but overall, I do enjoy it.
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