Who else loves Nirvana IN Bloom?

I love that song and video so much


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  • Yep, Nirvana is great.

    • Yeah it's one of my favorite songs by them and I love the Music Video I wish they made more Music Videos ):

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    • Breed is great too.

    • Yeah I also love On A Plain its such a Beautiful song

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  • Never been much of a Nirvana fan. I love most of the other grunge, just not Nirvana. Never understood the hype behind them.

  • All Nirvana is great. Cobain was a driving force for my youth and his murder (yes murder) was a complete fuck show.

    • Yeah I know he was also going to make another Music Video before he died ):

    • if you haven't already been there, goto cobaincase. com
      The detective Courtney hired when Kurt went missing, posted all his finding about how she did it.

    • Yeah I know it's a really huge possibility what really hurts me is that he died before he got to make the Music Video for Penneoroyal Tea );

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