Why is my tablet force choosing the dropper tool?

I have a Wacom Bamboo CTL-470 drawing tablet that I use with Paint Tool Sai. On and off over the past year, whenever I try to draw, the pen force chooses the dropper tool. If I hold down the pen (not clicking any buttons) to make a stroke, a white circle appears and forces the dropper to become my chosen tool and picks up the color of whatever I am hovering over. Whenever I try to continue drawing the line like this, it is a straight line as if I am using the line tool in a linework layer. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I've already deleted any shortcuts for the dropper tool, but it continues to happen.


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  • I don't know at all. This may not be the proper website to ask such a question. Have you Googled it? Rather try technological websites, you'll get help muck quicker ;-)

    • I've searched almost everywhere with no help <:/ This was my last effort hoping I could find another artist.

    • Good luck then...

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