Music poll: 80s arena rock. Is It Relevant?

You know the bands: Journey, Survivor, Loverboy, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Bon Jovi, Chicago etc.

You know the sound: big anthemic choruses, high pitched guitar solos, synthesizers, snare drums, power ballads

there's only one question left: Is it relevant? Or is it ridiculous?

P. S - I would define "relevant" as: "would I feel comfortable driving with the windows down blasting the music I'm listening to?" Or, "would I be embarrassed to be caught listening to this music?"

If anyone actually responds to this, I may make it a weekly thing. Until then, poll away!
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  • Hell yeah it's relevant, I'd have no problem blaring out Survivor!


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  • I am listening to Wake me up before you go go... It's pop but still 80's and it kicks today's musics ass

  • Sure it is, I do it all the time. But I don't really give a damn what anybody thinks of me so take it for what its worth.
    And by looking at my car you can imagine I'm fond of the 80s

  • I loved the 80s music, pretty much what I grew up with and still sounds great to me

  • A lot of those were prominent 70's bands and Chicago was from the 60's

    • True, but I was more refering to their 80s days, when they ditched their old image and sound for big hair and radio rock. I may address some of these bands again if I do a 70s rock poll and talk about their early days.

    • Chicago, Journey, Foreigner I thought were at their peak in the late 70's

    • I can understand that. It's just that I heard their 80s songs first, so to me, they are 80s bands. And to you, since you probably heard them in the 70s, they are 70s bands. It's all just perspective. Either way, great bands.

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