Do you think Justin Bieber (2016) is at his best?

Bieber killed it at the Grammy's. Diplo and Skrillex (Jack Ü) really helped lift him to a new level with their music.

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  • Don't give a fuck about JB, but Skrillex has made him what he is today. He has made his music better.
    "Where are u now" isn't JB's song, it's Jack U's, he's just the vocals, and anyone could have done the vocals. Everyone knows that, except the idiot JB fans.
    I think that's why JB isn't as bad as he was a few years ago, and now he's actually producing nice music, cause he has someone that knows what he's doing.

    • I wanna see more Jack U + Bieber

    • I wanna see more Jack U, but without Bieber, I don't like him as a person.
      I saw Jack U live last summer and it was amazing, so I want more of them.

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