What TV series are you currently watching?

I've just finished Breaking Bad and I'm three episodes into series 2 of Game of Thrones. I'm also three episodes into the Shield. What are you watching and what do you make of it?


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  • Game of Thrones is the best in my opinion, since i love LOTR, George R. R. Martin got inspired by it and wrote A Song Of Ice And Fire, and in my opinion besides all the no censored Sex and blood, i think the plot is simply amazing, every character either makes you hate them or love them.

    I guess every GoT fan understands this:

    R R Martin is EXPERT in introducing a character, make you fall im love w/ them and then he kills them out of nowhere leaving u with many encountered feelings, and u just gotta get over it yourself. (See with The king in the north, SNOW, Ygrite, etc etc)

    Or he just introduces u to a pretty annoying character and makes u hate them with every inch of ur body and then, Martin makes them good and more lovable and u r just sitting there, unsure if u should start catching feelings or leave things there, not to get ur heart broken after that (see with Jamie Lannister, Reek, etc etc)

    Also he creates hateful characters that just don't die& they live making others unhappy and they always get everything their way, u can actually feel the hate in ur bones and u just want their head on a spike (see with The mountain, Joffrey, Cersei etc etc)

    And aaaall these facts makes Got the most amazing tv series ever.

    GoT true fans:
    if we hate someone we imagine getting them killed and their head on a spike

    We use a lot of GoT references no one understands.

    Its sad how The Starks always get murdered & go through the worst.

    Long live Khaleesi.

    There are 2 types of people, the one who think Snow is Dead, and the ones who suddenly stopped hating Melissandre

    What do white walkers freaking want?

    Winter is never coming.

    We love the intro song, tu ru, tu rururu, tu rururu tururu.

    Martin, u already murdered one of the 4 great ones, we beg you don't kill Daenerys or Tyrion or Arya

    The fact that the starks almost get to finally meet each other something comes up and they never meet, makes. us. go. mad.

    Stop killing direwolves.

    Are all the theories right?
    Is snow alive?
    Will Daenerys ever be in westeros again?

    Fit fir me drigin

    We want to learn dothraki

    We want a sword & a Syrio Forel to teach us how fight.

    When Stannins decided to cook something.

    "You should have killed him when you could."

    "Please don't die, please don't die"

    The violence is some how creepily pleasing.


    • A running theme of Game of Thrones be it on tv or in the books is getting you accustomed to a character, liking them, watching their struggles and victories and then unceremoniously killing them off in a brutal fashion!

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    • Yeah it started the trend that any main character can be killed off any time that's in many shows and also films. Writers seem to be more willing to bump off plot central characters than before Eddard died. My uncle thought that someone would swoop in and save him. This was before he understood the ruthlessness of George R. R. Martin.

    • Valar dohaeris. See that's another thing I love about Game of Thrones is that it's made being nerdy acceptable and cool! It's great to use all these quotes and references without fear of negative judgement!

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  • Beowulf return to the shieldlands 6
    Vikings season 4. 7.5
    The last kingdom 8
    Dc legends of Tomorrow 7
    Brooklyn 99 6.5
    Big bang theory 6.5 this season
    Xfiles reboot 6
    Mom. 7

    Anxiously waiting for season 2 of Marco Polo and season 6 of. GoT

    • That's a serious amount of TV there! Thumbs up for dedication👍🏻

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    • You need to watch Breaking Bad right now. Believe me. It's. That. Good.

    • Yea, I might try and start em this week

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  • Game of thrones is so awesome, can't wait for he new season!!
    And currently, Im just watching the walking dead, I just watch that one and game of thrones haha

    • Yeah Game of Thrones is something else. What do you think of the Walking Dead? I watched a bit of an episode but it wasn't for me.

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    • For me the walking dead got to a point were everything was just too repetitive. Same story lines, same concepts keep getting reshuffled with different characters.

    • @cjmtherfcker i won't lie, it is a bit repetitive sometimes hah, the first 3 seasons were the best for me, but it still entertains me lol i just can't stop watching it :P but the last episode was pretty good, i loved it

  • Probably not popular or well known, but I'm watching Gotham, and the flash. I'm sorta into Grimm but the show is so confusing I watch it from time to time. I stop by here and there to watch supergirl.

    • How is Gotham? I've heard loads of people dislike it but what do you think?

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    • What continuity is it? The films or its own?

  • I'm rewarding The X Files and Psych. Two of my favorite shows of all time!

  • Just finished watching Breaking Bad. Was a really good series. Now I'm on house of cards.. and True Detectives!

    • I'm the same with Breaking Bad. It was bloody amazing!

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    • I'm sorry I hit the reply button without saying what I wanted to say! it's the plot I think they pretty much got a little to confident and half assed there plots and they dragged it on. But I'm still watching.

    • So do you think Walt really died at the end of BB? I watched a video on YouTube called Film Theory where all the facts were laid out. Also what was the best moment in your opinion? Mines the part where Walt killed the two dealers, that's when Heisenberg really came out to play!

  • Limitless, Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, The Shannara Chronicles, Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, Vikings

    • Series I have seen till the end season/episode:
      Heroes, That '70s Show, Glee, Friends, Breaking Bad, Smallville, Firefly, Sense8, Do No Harm, The Tomorrow People, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Hem till Midgård (Swedish),

      Waiting for new seasons:
      Marco Polo, Mr. Robot, The Last Man on Earth, Game of Thrones, Ballers, Daredevil, Dark Matter, Under the Dome, Heroes Reborn, South Park, DreamWorks Dragons

      Waiting for new episodes:
      Limitless, Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, The Shannara Chronicles, Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, Vikings

      Episodes I've seen from series I don't standardly watch:
      The Simpsons, Family Guy, Two and a Half Men, Merlin, Ellen: The Ellen De Generes show, Agia Fuxia (Cypriot/Greek), Patates Antinaxtes (Cypriot/Greek),

    • I Love series as you can tell :P

  • Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I just watch seasons over and over again haha. No other TV show really has kept my interest.
    I watch Big Brother too, but thats only on in the summer.

  • Criminal Minds
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    Chicago Fire
    Chicago PD
    Chicago Med
    The Flash

  • Halfway through series 5 of Suits and I'm enjoying it so far! :)

    • What's suits about? It's kinda corporate America kinda stuff, right?

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    • If I had those suit pajamas, I would never get dressed.

    • The problem is trying to prevent them from creasing. Nightgowns FTW!

  • i'm watching narco's right now. it's pretty good. would be better if i spoke Spanish :/

    • Yeah, but in that case I don't mind the subtitles.

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    • @cjmtherfcker my b. i thought he ended up becoming mayor. i haven't seen the show in god knows how long.

  • Full Metal Alchemist, Better Call Saul, The X Files, Lucifer

  • Black list

    law and order ( svu, ci included )

  • Futurama

  • I'm watching Bloodline.

    • that show is dope. how far in are you?

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    • Pablo was an ego maniac, who threw away an empire all because of his need to be accepted by the oligarchs of his country.

    • Good series though, Pablo just pissed me off

  • I'm watching stand up comedy right now.

  • Daredevil... waiting on the new GoT season to start.


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