Why they don't use synths in rock music anymore?

They did in 80s... and by combining keyboards/synths wid electric guitars u could make some amazing music... now it's just guitars...



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  • They started in the early 70's and The Who was one of the pioneering bands to use them. Bands still use them you're just listening to the wrong bands. Yes and Porcupine Tree still use them and so does Rush. all of these bands are progressive rock with Yes being the oldest and perhaps best known of the prog rock bands

    • I was talking about new wave mostly... like INXS... they used to blend synths and electric guitars...

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    • Eh ok dat's not nice... new wave isn't for fags... I like new wave and I'm 100% straight...

    • No other choice...

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  • *Insert comment about Synths*
    ... It's funny because I'm a New Vegas fanboy and I don't care about 4.

    • Never heard of such a band... who are they?

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