How do I save money to go to africa?

So I am planning to go to west africa this December, and I have no job, although I am looking for one. I really want to start saving up so that I will buy cheap tickets. how do I save up?


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  • Can't save money you don't have


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  • Umm, Get a job. you can't very well save money if there is none coming in.
    If and when you get a job, set up direct deposit of your pay then have X amount automatically withdrawn and sent to a separate savings account the day after every pay period deposit.
    To decide what X is, figure out how much you'll need and when you'll have to pay for the trip. Then calculate how many weeks there are between the first deposit and the date payment is reguired. If it's $1000 trip and you have ten weeks til the trip needs to be paid for, auto deduct $100/week.


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  • First you need a job. Second I recommend saving more than you spend. Unless you have responsibilities like bills, kids, etc...

    See what I do since I dont have responsibilities, is have my direct deposit set up where $20 goes to my checking account (the money I spend every week), and the remaining goes to my savings account.
    That way by the end of the month I have $1,000+ in my savings account.

    But that's only because I work about 40hrs a week. So it kinda depends on how much you earn per hour and how many hours you work. Then, you can do the math and figure out how much you'd have in your savings account by the end of the month.

  • When you cash your paycheck, take out one twenty, put it somewhere and forget you have it. 20 bucks a week=80 bucks a month=960 bucks a year. It's how I save for stuff I need.

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