What song do you think best describes your mood?

Post a video that best describes your current mood.

Here's mine (somewhat sadly)


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  • https://youtu.be/yv0ampUmwgw

    Lyrics of the song:
    Moments lost searching for a dream that's real
    From my heart
    I'd give it all away just to know

    Drifting away
    In truth revealed
    With perfect order life repeating endlessly
    Light streaming from below
    This is life reborn

    From the shadow to the light
    Moving through the time
    It's a cycle that repeats

    Don't touch the spinning wheel
    Risking progression just for a little taste
    But it's so natural
    Call it human if you wish to save face
    Losing control
    Go with the flow
    Get swept in the undertow

    Where do we go
    You ask in simple question
    Let me show you
    Give me your hand and we shall fly

    Seeing all from infant eyes
    Moving all through me
    It's a cycle that repeats

    Into better days from dreams

  • the song I'm listening to now on radio " never gonna get it " en vouge

    i'll never get sex lol