What's the deal with Nintendo games being so expensive?

When compared to Xbox or Playstation games that are a few years old are generally $40 and under, so why are Nintendo games still $60-$70? Games like Mario kart 7 or Fire emblem awakening (a new one is out and the price still hasn't dropped)


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  • I dunno but i bough a 2007 pokemon ds game and it was worth 40 and 25 bucks


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  • It's because a lot of them eventually become collector items and it's about supply and demand. Sometimes the prices drop and sometimes they don't.

    • really? like pokemon?

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    • I hope It wasn't a fake. It was used but my game never froze and I check and check lol! Ugh that day! lol

    • @apple24 that is good that it never frozed. I hope you was able to savd the game. lol. It would suck to have all that hard work be for nothing with out no check points. But pokemon games are fun and it's fun to level up and get more powerful.

  • Nintendo probably owns the exclusive licence, unlike ps and x box semi competing with the same game.