Ladies, how many of you are into science fiction?

I've decided to help all fellow men and once and for all find out if you girls are as geeky as us. If we're to believe the Internetz women are far less interested in this sort of stuff compared to us men and the vast majority would rather pull their own teeth than watch stuff like this. My questions to you ladies is:

What will your answer be if your boyfriend / husband / crush invites you to watch something like this >

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  • I like Science Fiction. I used to watch Stargate Atlantis with my dad. My dad also introduced me to Star Wars and Firefly as a kid. Right now I watch The 100, which I consider at least partly science fiction. I like fantasy as well, Harry Potter, Being Human, Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Avatar (both the cartoon and J. Cameron's) and the Golden Compass series. I don't know where X-Men falls exactly. Somewhere between the two as well as action? Game of Thrones as well.

    I like what anon mentioned... Science Fiction / Horror was invented by Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), so it's not at all absurd that girls like this stuff. I credit my Dad (Star Wars, Avatar, Stargate, Eragon, Firefly, HP) and three of my close female friends for getting me into this stuff. Cassie (Golden Compass, Firefly), Lena (HP, X-Men, Lord of the Rings), Carly (HP).

    My answer would be sure, I'd give it a try. I might not like it, but I'd try it.


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  • I love a lot of epic space battles + sci-fi that makes you think + etc. I've never understood why women wouldn't.

  • Into fiction. Not that into science fiction.

  • There's A LOT of women who are into science fiction! It's just sometimes tough to tell because science fiction is actually a huge category! Someone might love Star Wars but hate Star Trek, or love Star Trek but hate Star Wars. I'm not really a fan of space-related science fiction, but I loved the Divergent series (usually classified as Dystopian, but there are a lot of science fiction elements like the technology they have). I know a lot of women who love Doctor Who!

    And keep in mind that the science fiction genre was invented by a woman (Mary Shelley) =P


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