Songwriters, which do you usually write first: the lyrics or the music?

  • I usually write the lyrics first
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  • I usually write the music first
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  • As a drummer, when I've been in bands, it's always been very hard to start with a beat... I'll play something and it just sounds like a beat, typically nothing more. But once some good music is written that I feel I can connect with, the drums come very naturally.

    Whether it's simple or a little more technical, good musical backing allows a beat to "come into its own."

    If there's a good vocal melody too, it can actually enhance the drums even more because you can kinda "play off" the lyrics and the phrasing and it can help with accents and fills. Once everything comes together, it's fun... it's an awesome feeling when you finish writing a song!

    Just another perspective though... :P


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  • the lyrics come first for me.


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  • The music is in my head all the time, but you can't write anything without something you want to say, a story of sorts. I write the words first, and add the music, as per fitting the story I want to tell. The music is complimenting the words, and adds to the feel of the whole thing.

  • Always the melody. I can't really write lyrics and it pisses me off. I have sort of mental block when I try. Everything sounds cheesy and contrived when I write it down and I throw away everything I come up with.

  • It depends. Sometimes, the music comes first and other times, it's the lyrics. However, usually it's the lyrics because you need to understand what kind of music to write by knowing what the words are going to be expressed.


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