Computer problems? What should I do?

I told my group that I would finish our project at home but when I put my flash drive in and opened the file it said that all the videos we filmed were gone. I tried to search for them but since they were all put onto the computer at school I wasn't able to get to them. I just filmed something else and added it to the video which worked but when I went to turn it in the thing said that the it didn't accept those files. My teacher did say that we had to turn it in a certain way but since the video files were lost I couldn't change the file name I had emailed my teacher yesterday night around 6 pm but he still hasn't responded. I don't have my group member's numbers so that I can get in touch with them so what should I do? I don't want to cause them to all get a bad grade because of me.
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  • What format were you suppose to convert your video files in?

    • Its supposed to change so that it can be played on windows movie media player but I'm not sure of the exact name.

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    • Thank you but my teacher fixed it for us.

    • glad to hear it and thanks for MHO

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  • i don't know, your question isn't clear enough... if there's a technical aspect to the question, state it clearly

    • My teacher fixed it but thank you anyway.

    • for once, i was pretty excited about there being a tech question on gag since i am a tech guy, but anyway glad your problem got resolved

  • Just become a Luddite.

    You don't need a fucking computer, all you need is wood, wheels, and your hands.


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