On DeviantArt, there's a series of sketches done by various artists of a propose cartoon series dubbed "Camelorum Adventures." I'm planning season arcs for it, and may even draft episodes.

For season 3, there's a storyline where a band of mercenaries recruited from an extranormal prison (it's complicated) are put into two teams to stop two different threats to humanity. They are made to race against each other to see who can complete their mission first. This will determine whether the city builds a new zoo sooner, or a new homeless shelter sooner. (The talking animals running amok by this point in the timeline have become quite problematic.)

So the city commissioner makes them compete.

Team Lightning Hobo wants the homeless shelter built first. Team Ion Boy wants the zoo built first. The two sides don't hate each other, they just want to rid the world of evil aliens and sea monsters and disagree about which building should get built first.

"Lightning Hobo: Friendly Competition."

Yes, it's a shameless parody of the Cap 3 Civil War movie coming out. You can read more about the characters here:

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