Did you see the Kurt Cobain documentary "Soaked in Bleach?" If so... opinions on Courtney Love?

If you haven't seen it it's on Netflix and if you don't have Netflix then spoiler alert::::::::::::::::::::Courtney murdered a young American Icon at the age of 27
Kurt also had a recent cartoon documentary titled "Montage of Heck" which is pretty crazy in itself. Cobain does admit suicide in this one... But that was years before he learned to enjoy his life!


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  • Well, she managed to quiet one of the worst singing voices ever heard in mainstream music, so I have a modicum of respect for her.

    inb4 Nirvana fans trying to defend his indefensible musicianship

    • Wow man! You must not like Bob Dylan then either... Vocals are one thing and pure emotion is another

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    • Yeah. Don't do heroin

    • Thanks for MH

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  • No I have not seen it.
    Isn't it said that Courtney Love killed his or seeked to?

    • Kurt was an American icon. And I believe he was murdered by an almost perfect conspiracy. The Private Investigator that Love hired backfired on her ass!!

    • Hmmm didn't know that

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  • I haven't seen it yet, but I don't see why it's improbable to some that Kurt committed suicide. He was depressed much of his life.

    • Why would you say that when his closest friends did not? He was quiet, and yes he was an addict... but he was also on top of the world and loving it... and he had a newborn child!!!

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