Girls, if you could shrink anyone, would you make them give you a pedicure or paint your nails ect?

What other things would you make them do?


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  • ooo that would be nice.

    id also make them clean my ears, do my eyebrows and my makeup.

    • I would be worried about them crawling in my ears! :o I would make them rub my feet... and possibly other places too hehe :P but they can stay away from my ears!

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    • They get it easy with you, if they didn't follow my orders I would dangle them over my mouth, drop them in and swallow them whole while they are alive and feel them struggle aaallll the way down muwaha :P
      And what? I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking it, Surely I am not the only one curious what they feel like or can do at that size hehe, if they don't get swallowed , they will still get swallowed by something else ;) LOL

    • . . . i am LOVING your imagination right now.

  • wouldn't they be too small to do that? Anyways... I kind of had something else in mind 😏

    • Lol if you mean what I think you mean, wouldn't they be too small for that too? I guess if they were 5 or 6 inches it wouldn't be too bad :P

    • Lol I would like to know what do you think I'm thinking because I was actually just joking around and had nothing specific but apparently a couple of of people have some dirty minds lol

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