What does the seanson mean on American TV series?

Does it mean that a new series come out in every season?


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  • A season is what the UK calls a series. A series here is the entire run of the show.

    Scripted shows have one season per year. Major shows are "fall season" shows that get about 22 episodes per season. The summer season is the short season, for shows that don't get as many episodes.

    So, Friends is a series that ran for 10 seasons and 10 years.

    Reality shows, on the other hand, can have more than one season per year, which is more like the UK. But we still call them seasons.

    • Also, a series in particular is a show that is designed with the intent to be picked up for multiple seasons, assuming it's successful.

      Shows that are written for a limited number of episodes with a clear ending and no design for continuation are mini-series.

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  • It is the structure of commissioning TV in the states. What happens is a show has a pilot episode if network like it they commission 10 episodes if reaction is good a full season/series is commissioned. As long as show is received well it will be renewed every year till it ends or is not renewed (axed). The storywriters respond to each new order and create stories for the episodes that are to be shown.

  • they long breaks in the shows


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