Eurodance Battle: What's your favorite Eurodance Artist (Round LX)?


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  • I had to vote for Sarina Paris! She has a voice as cute as her face, she's actually from Toronto, and I have her album!

    • She is one of my favorite Canadians eurodance singers :)

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    • OMG Capital Sound. Give A Little Love was one of my favourites (undisclosed number) years ago. I was never able to find their album in stock.

      When Tower Records opened in Toronto it was a revelation, they had a better dance section than HMV or Sam's.

    • Oh yeah, those were the days ;)

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  • Serebro <3

    • You know them?

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    • You are very welcome ;)

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  • Oh, fudge, I like Modern Talking and Sarina Paris, it's a big competition here, I guess I'll go with Kate Ryan then.

    • That was my dilemma too

  • Well, it's between Modern Talking and Kate Ryan, hmm, and Mr President... hard to pick just one. I don't know, maybe Kate.

    • Nice, I'm glad she managed to beat breast cancer, she is one of my favorite Belgian singers.

    • Mine too :)

  • Modern Talking and Mr. President... who are others?

    • Come on dude, you don't know Kate Ryan? She is one of the most famous Belgian eurodance singers, she has lots of fantastic songs in French and even some in English.
      Sarina Paris is one of the best eurodance singers from Canada, let's just say Canadians have more eurodance artists compared to USA.
      Paradisio is Spanish & Belgian eurodance band, they have nice songs in Spanish language.
      Ruky Vverh is a Russian band, apparently they made the original of ATC's song All Around The World.
      Serebro is also Russian band, but I'm not familiar with their songs.

    • I only know her as a name... but never listened to any of her songs...

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