Whats your favorite color?

Mine is somewhat like turquoise but kind of more greener. i don't know why but this color just relaxes me. I loved it.


what is your favorite color and why?


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  • My favorite color is Sky Blue because of the sky. Just looking up relaxes me. =) However, I think the most prettiest and relaxing color I've ever set my eyes on is mint green. By the way, you're right about green. My friend once told me, if your eyes are ever tired, just look at the grass or something green. It's calming and it cools your eyes off. ^^

    • Yea before mine was blue light blue I love the sky too but these past years I started liking turquoise with a little green... green and blue together relaxes the eye just like the grass and the sky together

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    • No body is perfect at it everyone has their own style but Thank you :)

    • Thanks for the wisdom and you're welcome. =)

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  • Mine changes from time to time. The very earliest was green. Then blue but now it's both brown and yellow, as one might guess.

  • It's always been orange and don't know why

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