Why does Playstation keep beating Xbox on every review? Why doesn't Microsoft learn from this?

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Why and how does Playstation keep outperforming XBOX? I mean XBOX 360 and XBOX 1 were moderately successfull, but nowehere near Playstation's success.. So how does every Playstation console series from 1 to 4 beat them hollow? Even vista and PSP were hugely successfull compared. Anythoughts and your reviews are welcome. Can you guys give me links to some good gaming sites as well?


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  • The original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2, but the PS2 was a lot more popular since it had a larger (and better) library of games.

    When the PS3 and Xbox 360 came around, it was the opposite. The PS3 was more powerful than the 360, but the 360 was more popular since since it was easier for developers to program for. The "cell" processor in the PS3 was too complicated for most developers to figure out.

    Sony would learn from their mistake when they developed the PS4. They utilized an X86 architecture, which is similar to most PC's so developers will have an easier time programming their games for.

    The Xbox One would utilize a similar architecture but oddly, they stuck with the DDR3 for their CPU, which is a lot slower than the PS4's DDR5.

    This is the reason why the PS4 has been obliterating the Xbox One because not only is it easier to program for, but developers are favoring it because it's more powerful as well.

    Good gaming sites:


  • The thing with the Japanese is they are very hard working people, they are perfectionists and they don't cut corners. To the Japanese a product has to work correctly, only just working is not good enough for them. They also do lots of research into the target market in each country and build their products to suit. This is why products from Japan are so good and why they are so reliable. An example of this is their cars. Japanese cars are the world's most reliable. An example of this is the Toyota that sat outside in Russia over night. The next morning it was -43C/-45F and he went to cold start it. The Toyota had no help or assistance to start and it still started on the first try. The Japanese also welcome feedback about their products, this also helps them make such great products. It is the entire Japanese attitude they have to life in general that makes the products that come out of Japan so good.


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