McGregor vs Diaz and Holm vs Tate?

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I'm for McGregor and Holm but I feel the odds are closer for Tate than most seem to think, I wouldn't rule her out completely


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  • mcgregor and holm
    Mcgregor's record is far better than Diaz's and he has not lost recently. Diaz has loss 3 of 5 fights.
    Holm beat Ronda Rousey who demolished most of the females and she is undefeated. Therefore tate has no chance

    • damn, both were losses because of mistakes (they were both winning). but thanks for MHO

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    • exactly, i believe both would win in a rematch bc holm was winning and mcgregor can beat up and was beating up diaz, he just messed up

    • Yup, McGregor turned Diaz' face to mince and Holly's problem was she didn't go into Tate with the same ferocity she went in to Rousey. A different game plan all together, Holly should stick to using her boxing because that's her advantage. She let Tate in way more than she should have

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  • Diaz and Holm.


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