How did you feel watching nicki minaj's anaconda video (aroused, disgusted, angry, indifferent, amused, etc)?

  • aroused. I jacked off to it
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  • aroused but I didn't jack off
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  • amused
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  • disgusted
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  • angry OR worried (presumably for the sake of kids watching it) OR disappointed w how low our society has come to
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  • indifferent
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  • other/results
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I have to say amused - I find her butt hilarious - I prefer small butts so the sight of her and her enormous ass cheeks gyrating around screen is about as arousing as a bath in week old garbage.

    • If they were gals with smaller butts would you have been aroused?

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    • No I always felt they weren't real - It is like a character on a TV show or a film often they are gorgeous but they are not part of my world - I think aroused is such a strong word that I keep it for people in the real world while I appreciate a lot of the beautiful women I see on screens.

    • Thanks for MHO

Most Helpful Girl

  • That vid was hot! I swart I went out and bought a pink g string lol


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  • I saw a good 10 seconds with her laughing the entire time and I came to the conclusion that, even with a respectfully lowered bar, it still sucked

  • Haven't seen it. Doubt I'd really care one way or another.

    • It involves very scantily clad women with big butts dancing, spanking one another, etc. Borferlines on Softcore porn in my opinion

    • Yeah I just don't pay attention to her genre of music. I'm more in to things like Muse RHCP and just rock in general.

    • Do you like scantily clad ladies shaking their big butts though? lol

  • Indifferent. I like Nicki Minaj.

  • Haven't seen or heard it


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