Is it worth buying a case for an E-Reader? like a Kindle or Kobo?

Title say's it all, just wondering if it's worth buying one or not. Hopefully from people expereinced in thier use.
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  • I'd buy one, BUT don't buy from the store. They want ridiculous amounts of money (Like $35-$40). You can find a nice one with a magnetic clasp on Amazon or ebay for as little as $10 including delivery.

    • oh good idea thanks! Glad I didn't buy one at the store. Do the cases get in the way at all? does the screen need protecting? I would hate to ruin it by not getting a case but I'm concerned it will make using it a pain in the ass... Guess if it's only 10$ it might be worth just trying one out though..

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    • Oh by the way befire I forget, gutenburg. org has all the out of copywrite books in the world available fir free, so don't pay a *penny* for a classic story.

    • ooooh nice, thanks :)

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  • Think about how much you spend on books, magazines, etc... and then see if it's cheaper to to buy those things in e-reader format. If yes, then it's a good idea. If no, then it's not.

    • Yeah that's good advice, I already bought one though because I hate the clutter from books and such. Mostly I'm just wondering if buying a case for it is worth it, needed or just a pain in the ass.

    • Oh my gosh I'm sorry. This what I get for being on gag late at night. I personally think it's worth it because I'm prone to dropping and/or scratching things. It doesn't have to be something expensive after all.

    • lol don't worry about it, I've made a right good ass of my self doing the same thing. Thanks for the advice, nice to know it's not just annoying, that was my biggest worry.

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